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The Handmade pouch makes the perfect Handbag accessory.

Available in 2 sizes to suit every need.

The small pouch measures approximately 9.5″ long (widest point) by 4.5″ tall by 3.5″ deep (widest point).

The large pouch measures approximately 12″ long (widest point) by 7″ tall by 3.5″ deep (widest point).

Don’t like to rummage through the bottom of your handbag for the bobby you know is buried in there? Then 1 of these pouches is what you need.

Got a chocolate stash that you want to keep hidden from little fingers? These pouches are perfect. They keep your secret stash visible from prying eyes. Please note though that we only recommend this for wrapped chocolates or lollies.

Got a young one needing sanitary items at school? These are perfect to keep them tucked away safely until they are needed.

The pouches close via an extra long zipper and feature a wider top so as to allow for easier access.

Organise your handbag with a Fabu Couture Handmade pouch today.

Not sure what fabric you want for your pouch? Shop our fabric range. Still can’t decide? Then send us a message and let’s chat.

Need a handbag to match? Then shop our range of handbags that are available to custom order.


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