Handmade button hair ties


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Handmade button hair ties, for when you are sick of plain old boring shop bought hair ties.

Is your hair too short to hold a scrunchie? Is it long enough to tie up? Do you want something a bit fun in your hair? Then the button hair tie is the answer.

We make our button hair ties from left over smaller pieces of material that are too small for our scrunchies or our coin purses. By utilising as much of the fabric as I can in various ways it minimises the amount of off cut fabrics ending in landfill which is GREAT. Any other smaller pieces that I can’t use I donate to daycares/kindy’s for children to play with.

Has your elastic gone on your handmade button hair tie? Then did you know you can replace it easily? Simply take out the old elastic and thread a new one through. No need to throw the whole button hair tie out.

The button hair ties are sold in mystery bundles of 10, with some being a larger button than others. This gives you a good variety of hair ties to choose from as each print will be different.

Order your handmade button hair ties today and have some fun.


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