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Handmade is Heart made and Soul made

I was scrolling through the internet the other day as I tend to do when I am procrastinating doing what I should, when I came across the statement “Handmade is Heart made”. It got me thinking as to just how true that statement is. I’ve taken it a step further and added in that Handmade is also Soul made.

But why I hear you ask? Well let me break it down for you.

I know for me as a maker I pour a little bit of my heart and soul into EVERY SINGLE item I make. It doesn’t matter whether its a $9 scrunchie or a $270 baby bag.

What I do, I do out of passion and love for my craft. Do some pieces feel like they are literally sucking the soul out of me. Absolutely they do.

If I’m working on a custom order and it’s a fabric that I don’t particularly like or am uninspired by, it takes so much more of heart and soul to create that piece.

If a pattern is not coming together the way it should, or I’m struggling with a new pattern (which is the case right now) then it takes up so much more heart and soul to finish that item. In all honesty though, sometimes they do end up in time out until they can behave, then if they don’t behave into the repurpose pile they go.

When I send an item out it’s always waiting with bated breath to see if the recipient is happy with their item and that it lives up to their standard.

I’m happy to say that over the last 11 years of business I can count on 1 hand things that haven’t gone quite right. Each time though it has been absolutely gutting and devastating. Of course if something DOES go wrong with your handmade piece in a short time period and it is obviously a fault I have made, then I am going to fix it. Remember, I’m only human so I do make mistakes.

As a business owner you are often told you need to have a thick skin to deal with complaints etc or people will walk all over you. As a handmade business owner that is incredibly tough to do when you literally pour yourself into your creations. It’s super hard NOT to take criticisms and negative feedback personally.

If you want to follow along on more of my handmade journey you can follow me on TikTok where I share a lot of what goes on behind the scenes of my life and my business.

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