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Are Handmade Gifts Better?

Are handmade gifts better? For me, that is easy. Hell yes they are better. Others may not think so. Let me tell you why I believe that you can’t do better than gifting handmade.

First of all when you are buying handmade, you aren’t just buying an item. You are buying a piece of the makers heart and soul. We literally pour everything into our pieces. Our blood (sometimes-pins are sharp), sweat and tears.

There is also the fact that when you buy handmade, you aren’t helping some rich CEO buy yet another flashy car. Instead you are helping a mum/dad/parent put food on the table, give their child dance lessons. Or swimming lessons. Or sport activities.

Handmade gifts are also quite often unique and one of a kind. This means that no one else is going to have the item you have gifted or even received. This is especially true when you buy a piece from my shop. I know it also goes for many other creators too.

A handmade gift truly lets the person know you have thought long and hard about the perfect gift. It takes nothing to go buy a gift card or anything from a mainstream shop. Buying handmade can sometimes take time to find the perfect item from the perfect business.

There are so many more reasons to gift handmade next time you have a birthday or any celebration that requires a gift. If you don’t where to start looking google is your friend. Search on etsy or send me a message and I can send you in the direction of some of my favourite makers.

While not everyone is going to appreciate a handmade gift, I still believe that they are far superior than mass produced.

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