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Why you should choose a Fabu Couture custom

Have you been thinking about commissioning me to create a custom made piece but aren’t sure?

Let me tell WHY you should and more importantly exactly WHAT you get when you opt for a Fabu Couture custom piece.

Firstly we work together on deciding on which style of bag/wallet is going to suit your needs.

Once we have that sorted I ask you a series of questions to determine what fabric prints you might like (of course if you already have something in mind you are more than welcome to share it).

Then I send you through some photo options of fabric I have on hand, OR I do some research to see what fabrics are out there that will suit. We repeat this a few times until we hit upon the perfect fabric choice for you.

I then get to creating your Unique, One Of A Kind piece, keeping you updated on progress as I go along.Once completed I send you photos for final approval and then your item is lovingly packed up and shipped off to you to use and enjoy. Sounds good hey?

If you need some inspiration then head on over to our shop and see what’s available. To give you an idea our signature sets are made up of our most popular handbag and our most popular wallet.

What are you waiting for? Time to order your piece today.

If none of the designs that are currently in our shop take your fancy then head on over to our Facebook page and follow for when new designs are release. Alternatively send us a message with what you are looking for.

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